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Applied Intelligence Software

Compendium of over 40 years of Consulting knowledge and experience, giving you the confidence to:
  • Learn new skills and competencies accross various functions
  • Execute strategic planning to tactical implementation
  • Monitor and evaluate organizational performance
  • Enable business sustainability and growth
  • Provide comprehensive business support

Key benefits


Secure your competitive advantage in your Industry


Create sustainability in your business


Confidently diversify your service offerings


Maximize your profits confidently


Leading support for next-level performance!

Edvysor is the answer for consultants who face/have faced challenges in:
  • Undercharging inaccurately scoped projects resulting in an overrun of time and money
  • Needing a support system to diversify their offerings
  • Gaining Senior Management buy-in and support at clients
  • Changing client behavior and driving accountability and responsibility at the right levels
  • Delivering tangible ROI’s
  • Top management is uninformed or misaligned to the actual tactical operations and performance
  • Businesses not making a profit or running at a loss
  • Bleeding talent – the working environment can use a happiness injection
  • A corporate strategy developed at Senior Levels not translated into tangible, measurable actions
  • Inaccessibility to client information at any time – focused conversations about areas that need attention becomes challenging to have


The changing economic environment requires us to Reshift, Refocus and Realign! Edvysor provides:
  • Upskilling and training ensuring optimum operations across all functions creating self-learning teams that focus on collaboration and continuous improvement
  • Complete diagnostics which immediately alert where attention is needed
  • Access to a range of global best business practice checklists
  • Creation, monitoring, and tactical implementation of a strategy
  • Goal setting, monitoring, and tracking to drive accountability and responsibility
  • A real-time organizational view of performance against key metrics
  • Comprehensive business support regardless of geographies
  • An “easy to use and implement” business support system


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